Are you facing a situation that seems impossible?

have you been fighting a battle for a long time? Don’t go around talking about how big the problem is. Don’t go around confessing that you’re never going to make it. No! -Instead, start declaring: “The powerful hand of God is upon my life!” when you do it, God’s favour is upon you and you accomplish your dreams faster. Whatever you face, God will make a way to take you through it! God’s word stands true and he fulfills every promise despite the problems we face. This world is not our final destination but only a place of preparation for what is to come. In this life, we are going to endure hardships of every kind. No matter how fierce the battle, believers cannot be defeated by the fiery slings and arrows of the enemy. We believe in prayer and know that our God hears every plea.

You Are Not Alone and at Eric Michel Ministries we have set up a helpline, telephone, Skype or emails are our way to intervene. “People often say it’s helpful to be able to talk to someone who understands” The realization that you’re not alone is very important, to us at Eric Michel MinistriesMany people say they feel ashamed facing those difficulties.


We are providing help through our staff of spiritual consultants. You can schedule an appointment now. As we experience the stress of day-to-day living, there are times when problems and situations may become difficult to handle alone. Things may seem to be “out of control.” When difficulties pile up or overwhelm you, We Can Help

We are experienced professionals that have credentials in counselling and social work. We will respond to your needs with concern, sensitivity and total discretion, your information will be shared with no one other than your consultant supervisor and could be with our consultant teams to provide you with the best answer at Eric Michel Ministries.

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