Declaration of Faith

We are a liberal Christian organization, Universalist in our belief in the final harmony of all souls with God, and Christian in that our mission is to create a loving community for worship and service in the spirit of Jesus Christ. We are a member congregation of the Christian Universalist Association (CUA and also American Unitarian Conference (AUC


Rev. Eric Christian Unitarian


Rev. Marie Baptist Universalist

EMMI welcome all Christians, the two chaplaincy founders have a background as Baptist in Jeddore NS for Marie. and Eric a Catholic-Gnostic in Universal Christian Gnostic Church in Gatineau Quebec until 2010, then he became Unitarian re-ordinated in 2012, together they founded the chaplaincy in 2012.

EMMI Membership  includes both clergy and laity. Clergy must be ordain in person after qualifications, while laity may affiliate to EMMI through baptism and communion.

Novice clergy is members who participate in the administration of EMMI. and assist with the sacraments. The first ordination in EMMI is the diaconate. The second ordination is Deacons, whose principal duties are to assist the Ministers

The sacerdotal ordination for members to the ministries. After 3 years as a seminarian. The Minister is responsible for administering the sacraments and worship and other ceremonies as authorized by their supervising Bishops.

The Ministers is supervised and instructed by a Bishops.

The Primate is an Archbishop of the Church, with ultimate authority over all members.

A Christian denomination is an identifiable religious body with its own beliefs and practices within Christianity. Divisions between one group and another are defined by doctrine and church authority. Issues such as the nature of Jesus, the authority of apostolic succession, eschatology, and papal primacy often separate one denomination from another.

Some groups are large, while others are just a few small churches. Modern movements such as Fundamentalist Christianity, Pietism, Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism and the Holiness movement sometimes cross denominational lines, or in some cases create new denominations out of two or more continuing groups.

Between denominations, theologians, and comparative religionists there are considerable disagreements about which groups can be properly called Christian, disagreements arising primarily from doctrinal differences between groups.

Our prerogative is serving God under the roof of Christian Unitarian Chaplaincy where all are welcome.


Please Note:

The Chaplaincy is a member of Eric Michel Ministries International Assembly of Churches sharing the same goal but not the same faith.  AoC subscribe to the universal creeds

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