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Eric Michel Ministries International

Les Ministères Eric Michel International


We are a church founded upon Baptist principles. We strive to create a welcoming environment built upon a solid foundation of God’s Word and dedicated service in preaching and living the Gospel of Christ. We hope to have you join our fellowship so we can help each other grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.


The Unitarian chapel’s congregation moved towards a more grounded belief in April 2015, we continue to serve worshipers drawn from the east part of Canada, keeping a place of worship which continue to represent a traditional Protestant Non-Conformism.


We are descended from the General Baptists Faith, founded by John The Baptizer, with a preserved faith since the time of the Apostles.

Our fellowship is a modern and still in development. We differ with the Main Line Baptists because we need a flexible doctrinal position. We uphold the morality of the Bible while understanding it is not inerrant as handed down.

We do accept the gay lifestyle of some, feeling it’s far from the Spirit of God. While divorce is common in our society, we feel it should happen only when there is a serious reason.

We uphold God’s Law but know there are also sins of omission and sins of character. People need an understanding of the Church to develop Christian character and a proper lifestyle.

Our commitment is to the correct concepts of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God is One. Christ is a new type of human who is God’s regent in heaven. God’s Spirit is a part of him, a universal essence through which his power may be manifested.


Our vision is to complete the commission that we received from Christ. We pray for empowerment so that demonic instruments (referring to bad persons) are expelled and healing comes to many.

It is also our hope that as a body of believers we can direct our nation along the right path. We pray for this vision who will enable to see the glorious truth of Christ.


Are we Unitarian Baptist?


We are Baptists Universalist (New Hope Ministry & Missions) and Christian Unitarian and the why we became Inter-Denominationalour members vary from strong believers (fundamentalist) to very open believers covering the extreme left to the extreme right, from a background of Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Methodist, Christian Gnostic, Christian Unitarian or Christian Universalist, and looking for members of other Christian denominations.

Members keep their own set of believing and respect others in that matter.

I’m still Christian Unitarian, and Rev Marie still Baptist Universalist, it’s Eric Michel Ministries International who became Inter-Denominational. 


Canon 201504:

With the new sub-ministry of St Luke, the Executive Board of Elders (Board of Bishops) and the Board of Elders (Congregation) proposed and voted at unanimity to amend the wording in our constitution to reflect the reality of our members at Eric Michel Ministries International.

  1. Amendment regarding our believes from Christian Unitarian to Inter-Denominational Christian.
  2. The goal for this change is for a better integration with other denominations.
  3. The Chaplaincy mandate to help people of the community, need to create strong relations with the Ecumenical Christian churches and ecumenical organizations that are part of the global Christian community.
  4. Eric Michel Ministries International have activities with other Christians who stand together on selected issues that address the “common good” for our society
  5. Also, our Interfaith engagement is about building relationships among people of different faiths in order to work together for the common good because all human beings are created in God’s image
  6. When comes in helping people directly, no faith will create a barrier that will stop giving help no matter to people who are of a different faith-persuasion or even no faith as stated in the chaplaincy mandate. This change is to accommodate only our relations with other Christian churches.

The core values

  • If you are curious about God, wondering about your purpose in life, want to find a solid believing church we are confident you can find a home at our church.
  • We love God’s people and our services are welcoming to all no matter what your background.
  • We are a Christian Fellowship that has an uncompromising focus on God’s Word.
  • Religious freedom is the principle of separation of church and state.
  • Church freedom is the idea that every local church is autonomous and empowered to choose its own leaders and direct its own affairs.
  • Bible freedom is the principle of recognizing the authority of Scripture and the right of every Christian to interpret it as the Holy Spirit directs.
  • Soul freedom is the ability of all people to relate directly to God. The belief in the priesthood of all believers is an important basis for this principle.


  1. The One Almighty, Holy, Eternal God, our spiritual Father, who alone is the designer, creator, and sustaining being of the universe.
  2. The Holy Spirit as the impersonal essence and power of God throughout the universe.
  3. The human Jesus as the son of God, our Lord and Savior, who revealed the truth in its fullness, so that any of man’ may be saved from condemnation through grace, because of faith, and receive everlasting life.
  4. We believe in the simple Bible truth that Christ is the “Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.” He is the promised Messiah of whom the prophets of the Old Covenant foresaw; Jesus is the Savior of the world, through Whom all mankind will be restored to God’s original image, He is the only way to the Father, the only begotten Son of God Who gave His life for the world.
  5. We believe He is king and judge of the universe and owner of all Creation, and that His purpose for the ages is to bring all things under His government and reconciled with Himself.
  6. We believe that through His death, burial and resurrection, Jesus saved all mankind and restore all things. As Christ, Himself said, “If I am lifted up (crucified) I will draw all men to me” (as also prophesied in Psalm 22). Christ is the Name before which every man, woman and child, from all of human history will bow before and declare that He is Lord. At that day, the prophesied “restoration of all things” shall come to pass, and of the increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end.
  7. The establishment of the church by Christ for the proclamation of the gospel and knowing that this modern body of believers descends from it.
  8. The Kingdom of God, divine rule, beginning with lordship over the believer and culminating with the coming rule of Christ over the earth at his personal, visible, and bodily return.
  9. The Ten Commandments and the ordinances of the New Testament.
  10. The baptism in the name of Christ

The doctrine of universal salvation.


The Fathers of the Alexandrian Church maintained the doctrine of universal salvation in the second and third centuries and various of the Church Fathers followed them in the doctrine. Origen held a firm conviction that not a single rational being will be lost to the darkness of ignorance and sin. Even the most recalcitrant sinner, he argued, will eventually attain salvation. The fire of punishment is not an instrument of eternal torment, but of divine instruction and correction. Since the soul is essentially rational, it will eventually be convinced of the truth of the divine pedagogy. When this conviction arises, salvation and deification will follow. The word used to describe this universal salvation was Apokatastasis, ‘restoration of all things.’! ~from


We’re not bound to believe that anybody’s in hell, we cannot think of heaven without thinking of being in communion with all the saints and with all the people we’ve loved on this earth. ~ Gary Amirault.


Rev. Eric M. Gagnon

Archbishop / Chaplaincy Commander

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