New for 2015 the Seminary

Eric Michel Ministries International is an inter-denominational Community Chaplaincy comprised of people who worship Christ and want to spread is words in our country and the world. We believe in the Bible, and we strive to live out our faith together. Our chaplaincy reflects a diverse gathering of people from all stages of life and spiritual development. We are not committed to just one race, age group, or demographic; we want to reach every person with the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus lived and died to give us life forever. Eric Michel Ministries International chaplaincy is a community that offers many opportunities for people to grow in their relationship with Christ since 2010. We are a chaplaincy that loves people and wants to feed them from God’s Word, challenge them, and invite them to use their gifts to serve Christ with us.


Footsteps of Jesus and Bible Academy


 Eric Michel Ministries International under Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry and New Hope Ministry and Missions provide an “online” Christian Study by “Implementing Team Impact Christian University Curriculum” for future ministers in the Christian Faith specializing and fully accredited graduate programs in Theology.
It is an online studies programs or small classes programs, it attracts students from around the world who want to be serving as a minister in our EMMI family of Chaplains or with New Hope Ministry and Missions.
If you have a desire to learn about the traditions we invite you to join us. We offer a course of education leading to ordination as a Christian minister.
We are a religious organization with the right to ordain ministers and thus qualify them as ordained ministers: to officiate at weddings, baptisms, funerals, Holy Communion, and Worship Ceremonies. Men and women who complete the course and meet all the requirements upon their request may be ordained in the context of a worship with hand imposition in front of witnesses. We also train lay people for ministry and lay who just want to learn more about our Christian faith via the Bible Academy.
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