EMMI-Interdenominational Assembly of Churches



These ministries include international and domestic missions, theological education, advocacy for religious liberty, literature production, for pastors and other church workers, and the infrastructure necessary to keep these cooperative efforts operational. Specifically, the association was created “to provide a general organization for Christians in Canada and for the promotion of Christian missions at home and abroad and any other objects such as Christian education, benevolent enterprises, and social services which it may advisable for the Kingdom of God.

The mission of EMMI interdenominational association of churches is to promote excellence and preserve the traditions of church benefit boards and church benefit plans through collaboration and fellowship.


Benefits of Churches Membership

  1. The biggest benefits of church membership are its collective resource that provides opportunities to help others and make a difference.
  2. Church volunteer opportunities are available at most churches and these opportunities provide the system and structure to serve or support a cause. For example, my church does disaster relief work and provides the structure for Volunteers to get involved in helping other people. These kinds of experiences reinforce the Christian call to love and help other people. When we know we make a difference for a cause it gives us hope for a better world
  3. Representation on a national scale, as we speak on your behalf to government and the media
  4. An opportunity for your church to respond to God’s call for unity
  5. Use of the “member of Eric Michel Ministries logo for your website and letterheads
  6. A monthly Headlines email and a sign-up to all our e-letters, helping you build up your leaders and resource your church for mission
  7. A direct line to our media team
  8. Discounted media and advocacy training, helping your church engage with your local media and local government
  9. Our stance on the authority of the Word of God.
  10. Our conservative Theology.
  11. We do not own your property.
  12. Our strong emphasis on missions sponsored by New Hope Ministry & Missions
  13. Our church planting efforts.
  14. Our association with Footsteps of Jesus Biblical Seminary and EMMI Harvestime Bible Academy for scholarships.
  15. The high quality of anointed Bible preaching ministries.
  16. You may withdraw at any time with a vote of your congregation without loss of property or reprisals.
  17. Management software access. (Worshiptrac & Churchtrac plus Workplace by Facebook and Wild Apricot plus WizIQ for training)
  18. And much more

Each Church Member is a member of our General Assembly (Symposium) with 3 representatives with a vote right.


Click on this link: https://www.eric-michel.org/Give/Membership.html

Information Email: affiliate_program@eric-michel.org or our response team at revericmichel@assemblyofchurches.org

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