The following committees are largely filled by lay chaplain volunteers with clergy and shared ministry team members also participating. Most leadership positions on the committee are held by a lay chaplain person.  See the church calendar regarding meeting times and identification of chairperson/coordinator.

Bishop’s Committee is the governing body responsible for operational matters The Bishop’s Committee shall consist of a Bishop, a Senior Chaplain, a Junior Chaplain, The Treasurer, Five other at-large members elected by the corporation members, The Secretary of the Bishop’s Committee (non-voting), Guest  (non-voting).

The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing the financial performance of EMMI and making recommendations to the Elders Board Committee and the Bishop Committee. The committee meets monthly and reviews the previous month’s financial results. It also considers any significant upcoming expenditures and advises the Elder Board Committee about the impact on the chaplaincy finances and alternatives for dealing with the issue. It also is responsible for developing the annual budget and working with the Elders Board Committee and the Bishop Committee to finalize an approved annual plan. The committee is led by the treasurer and also includes the Junior & Senior Chaplain and others interested in helping with financial issues.

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