EMMI Chaplaincy



EMMI Chaplain Ministries recruits hard-working men and women to work as a chaplain for hospice, nursing homes, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency services and community ministries.

The Emergency Ministry of Chaplain and Assistant (TEMCA) is a sub-ministry of the Chaplaincy
For Lay and Minister as well but the requirement is to be a member or an ex-member of Emergency Professionals as Policemen, Firefighter, an ambulance personal or any civil government approved related emergency crisis employee.

The Emergency Chaplains is commissioned to work in a context different from a church. He is engaged in a ministry of help and is also on the lookout for opportunities to offer a listening ear and heart or to give a healing word of counsel or encouragement in his outreach visitations.  The bottom line a TEMCA Chaplains are called by God and sent out to serve the personal & professional needs of emergency service people and their families and to share the word of hope. TEMCA is a non-profit organization who promote tolerance and understanding, as well as, provide professional, trained and dedicated chaplains in the various fields of need. The work of the chaplain differs greatly from the work of the pastorate. The pastor cares for the spiritual needs of the congregation; whereas, the chaplain must care for the needs of any other faith needs as well.

Outreach Chaplain

Supporting the community experience relational, emotional and spiritual growth, helping them in their day to day needs.

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