1 thought on “God loves you

  1. Yes God does love you and as you grow closer to God you will discover many truths about the kind of love that flows in and through each one of us. There are many forces of energy and two of these forces are love and evil.Love risks all evil risks nothing.

    There is an order to love,and it is through the Spirit within us that we are the love source and through this source that all of the great things that God has done that we shall do even greater.It does not matter,who you are,where you are,or what you have done He loves you and He can use you to spread His love.

    God’s Love is unity which is all things working together and we recieve this power of love through meditation,staying connected with the Higher consciousness of our mind.Love is healing,prosperity,calming,wholeness,motivating,and giving,in essence love is God.Without love you are not being who you were really created to be.

    Love words that are really sincere do not do lip service,they come from the heart.True love is love without thought and it is a giver not a taker.God’s love expands and so does our love because love has a magnetic pressence.

    There is an affirmation that we should use daily as we meditate and that is “I am a channel of God’s Love and through this channel of love goes forgivness,compassion,comfort and healing” Without the knowledge of this love we become bitter,so it is up to each of us through daily meditation and prayer to discover that Great Love of God that has been freely given to each one of us.


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