Prayer Requests

I hope you can do this with me…HEALING PRAYER.  I know I chose my twelve people well, may we receive strength and Divine Light.. Our Father who art in heaven, as you walk into my home, please take all my worries, diseases, fears and please protect my parents, brothers and sisters, my children, my friends and all my family, in the name of Jesus! Amen. If God is first in your life,stop what you’re doing and send this message! So that all your friends receive this blessing today.There is no silence that God does not understand nor sadness that He does not know nor tears that He does not value. Dear God, Bless the hands of the one that opened this post, also illuminate the eyes of those who read it and fill with Love and Blessings whoever shares it. Choose who to send this to … Angels have learned that you are fighting something, they say it has already passed, please do not eliminate this message. Please know that tonight there will be resolution of two issues in your life and they will provide relief. Tomorrow will be the best day of all. I leave you 12 angels, one for each month, you must give this to twelve friends, and great news will come. You cannot imagine the work it took to bring down these beautiful stars.


Free Prayer Requests

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