Prayer Requests

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Attached with this message , a few books :

1) A book called “To all Muslims”, it explains to the Muslims , from the “Quran” , the Noble Quran, that all Christian creeds are completely and 100% right , it explains these things , easily and with many clear verses in the Quran which are very simple and easy for anyone to understand, the aim or the goal of this book is to let all Muslims in the whole world, love all Christians and know who Christ is and know about the Holy Trinity and …, and for sure if these things happen , there will be no terrorists and no wars, and by turn Christians will love Muslims more , and all people will live in peace,

2) The second book is “The Proverbs Summarized” It is the same book as in the Holy Bible , I have only chosen the important and easy verses, and wrote them in Bold , but the rest of the verses are : a- either hard to understand ,  b- or not very important,  c- or were previously mentioned in another part in the same book of Proverbs,

3) A book called “Ideas and Wishes”, I sent it before to you , may be 2 years ago or more, but I think it is, or it may be, important to send it again now , in case it will be a good time to do, perform and fulfill the ideas and wishes written in it,

I thank you all very much,
Please always pray for me


Free Prayer Requests

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