REALITY!!! by Ryan Quezambra

Presented by our Prison Chaplain Ministry

Inmate Blogger

So after ten n a half years, I still seem to be amazed. u know always wondered why people feel the need to lie to those they care about thinking that’s gonna protect them smh. NO !!! don’t lie to me to protect me, tell me what it is so I can face REALITY now. a situation with me n my family finally came to the light recently and it was crazy. was I hurt by this, yes. did I need to know this, yes. I feel like I can do more from a support stand point knowing the truth rather than not knowing….. so I guess my mom was abusing drugs. heroin to be exact. so it hurt my heart hearing that and knowing I couldn’t be there to do anything about it or protect her or anything, yet again REALITY set in. so this whole time I’m thinking…

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