“Being alone” By Jason Mackerchar

EMMI Prison Chaplain

Inmate Blogger

I have been in and out of relationships while I have been in here.. I have always got my heart broke in every one of them.. Whether the trial gets too hard or lies happen or I get cheated on because of waiting is just too much. I have been through all of the emotions on the list.. I was a bad person when I was out there.. I lost my mom when I was still fairly young.. I was 22 yes old..We were bestfriends.. She had me no matter what.. As for a woman who can be strong enough to stand by her man no matter what has came very close.. Not sure why no one sees loyalty and respect above all else..Standing by for anything..No questions asked.. Its not so easy being alone in here.. There is a lot of things we can get.. We can have family…

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