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Thank you for considering us to partner with us

International Partnerships

Eric Michel Ministries International does not have its own foreign mission program but rather the EMMI in Canada does offer an associate program to all churches around the world. EMMI churches can be of any Christian denomination to accomplish God’s Mission.

This fellowship of churches shares a common constitution, governance style, statement of faith and vision and values that we have as Canon Law or Bylaws.

It is ministries in which churches around the world can establish themselves by combining forces and eliminating competitions.

EMMI Canada is assisting churches in other countries for partnership or associations in their own country based on a goal to bring blessings to the Church and to bring Glory to God by encouraging mutual caring and sharing of churches.

For the associate option, we will have a legal relationship with these other associates, this means that we work to find funds if a need is presented in last resort, mainly all Church member are totally independent financially and govern by their own Board of Elders


How to Join

Membership Application: Denomination / Association / Para-Church / Local Church

Membership in EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is open to organizations that accept any of the Christian Creeds, are approved for membership, and agree to cooperate with the principles, purposes, and objectives as set forth in the EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Bylaws sitting on EMMI Canon Law.

Application Procedure

Membership in the EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is open to Christian denominations, associations of churches, fellowships, ministries, para-church organizations, and local churches as recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Administration of the EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches.

The work of the EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches shall be financed primarily by, but not limited to, contributions from the member organizations (YOUR CORPORATION). Annual contributions are based on organizational membership usually 12 % of your income.

Local Churches in Partnership will make a basic membership contribution of $110, plus one of two options:

  1. one love offering per year earmarked for EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches; or
  2. a stipulated amount from their annual budget.

The contribution from parachurch organizations is $250 per year.

Plus, each affiliate members due: Pastor, Ministers, Chaplains 60.00$ and each member 20.00$ per year. All amounts listed are in Canadian dollar.

Church who Are NOT able to pay affiliated dues

  1. Send us an affiliate proposal
  2. We will request 12% off all your income annually to all associated churches
  3. Ministers and members will have to pay their membership

Eric Michel Ministries International mandate does not financially support any person and organism in any way

A single pastor/minister or evangelist can be a member

  1. Must have credentials and experiences
  2. Must have a clean justice record
  3. Must work for a local director
  4. Follow all direction from our Canon Law, Bylaws and Traditions
  5. Be train as an Eric Michel Ministries Pastor

The list under is MANDATORY, do not contact us without them.

  1. An Office
  2. A Computer or a Notebook (No Tablet & No Cellular)
  3. A Printer/Scanner
  4. An office phone or Cellular
  5. Office desk/chairs
  6. Shelves
  7. Filing cabinet
  8. A place for Worship with a roof and a least one table and chairs or benches.

Also, you need a church budget, you must be able to pay for your own CLI, software, Bible, teaching tools etc., on the top of your membership

Documents you need to provide for the partnership

  1. Letter from the Elders Board requesting a partnership
  2. History of the corporation
  3. church name, address, phone number etc.
  4. Letter of incorporation (church’s corporate documents)
  5. Who has the legal authority to approve the merger?
  6. Tax number
  7. Your Constitution & By-Laws
  8. List of members of the board of elders
  9. General Assembly meeting document (minute) Annual Report
  10. List of Ministers, lay workers and other staff (Employees)
  11. List of ministries
  12. List of members or attendees
  13. All Income and spending, What debt does the church bring to the merger Budget current copy
  14. Pastor Compensation Study and other guidance for Pastors and Churches
  15. Charity approval number


  1. A greater impact
  2. Small church, budget and lack of people limits the ability to have a full complement of ministry
  3. The partnership works according to design, it grows and breaks barriers
  4. Provide advice during the planning Church Ministry priorities
  5. Checking policies and practices to ensure consistency with partnership principles
  6. Study Programs and seminars
  7. More prayer for your Ministry
  8. More Teaching Partners
  9. Support with your Ministry
  10. Health insurance plan for clergy if qualified

All staff: Directors, Ministers, Church Leaders, Board of Elders with an own church email (

Church own page see Districts

All staff: Directors, Ministers, Church Leaders, Board of Elders Workplace to manage your team and be with other churches teams

Church Management software

Fundraising eStore

A Seminary and a Bible Academy for your community

And much more to come…

  1. Benefits of Churches Membership
  2. Constitution of a new church
  3. The formal code of doctrine and discipline
  4. How to Amend Bylaws
  5. Who rules the Assembly
  6. How to configure your corporate email
  7. Fellowship for Affiliates
  8. Assembly Clergy Ranks
  9. Symposiums
  10. Membership for the Assembly of Churches is the same as EMMI


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By The Selection Comity for the EMMI Assembly of Churches

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