EMMI Ministries

The Chaplaincy Ministry

  • Community Service and outreach Sub Ministry

  • The Emergency Sub Ministry of Chaplains and Assistants (TEMCA) Crisis Respond
  • Harmony URI Circle Sub Ministry
  • Lay Ministry and Lay Chaplain assistant Sub Ministry of the Chaplaincy
  • Counseling Sub Ministry
  • Pre-school, Children, Youth, College, Adults, Couples, Men’s and Women’s, and Senior Sub Ministries.
  • Pastoral Co-Sub Ministry
  • Earth Sub Ministry
  • Small Group Sub Ministry
  • Inter-Faith Sub Ministry

The Spiritual Services Ministry

  • Sacramental Ministry (Spiritual Services)
  • Healing Sub Ministry
  • Prayer Sub Ministry (Prayer Warriors)

The Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry

New Hope Ministry & Mission (Chapel)

  • Trustees Sub-Ministry
  • Children Resource Sub Ministry
  • Members Care Sub Ministry
  • Fundraising Sub Ministry
  • Creative and performing arts Sub Ministry
  • Life Sub Ministry
  • Facility Sub Ministry
  • Stewardship Sub Ministry
  • Choir & Music Sub Ministry
  • Pastoral Co-Sub Ministry

Lay Elders Board

  • Communications and Public Relations Ministry
  • Budget and Planning Ministry
  • Building and Building Finance Ministry
  • Partnerships in Ministries
  • Membership Ministry
  • Volunteer Sub Ministry

Cleric Elders Board

The Judicial Ministry




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