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I thank my God …   because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil. 1:3–5)


We are excited to share our Partnership Program. This program is designed to offer partnership opportunities in our online school community and beyond. Our church partners will enjoy recognition within the community as well as throughout the world.

When the global churches come together to accomplish the Great Commission, in their village, in their country and throughout the world, it is simply beautiful to behold. While there remains much to do, it is only right to step back during a time like this and thank God for what He is doing. We strongly value partnerships with churches and other ministries, online we give our students an easier access to mentoring and learning opportunities through the Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry since 1979. RTT is a ministry of Eric Michel Ministries International that govern our Seminary and Bible Academy with the collaboration of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches and the Eric Michel Pentecostal Ministries.

Our Mission

At the RTTM Seminary and Bible Academy, we strive to prepared Christ servant, who embrace Christ’s call and transform the world through the study and application of God’s Word


FOJSBA’s online campus.

Since the primary purpose of FOJSBA is to train men and women for EMMI and to provide a flexible theological program that does not require the student to leave his job in order to complete studies. FOJSBA is committed to maintain high academic standards and to provide the student with a quality theological education equal to or higher than that offered by accredited institutions. FOJSBA is a sub-ministry of Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry of Eric Michel Ministries Int’l that focuses on theological education in and outside Canada. Through FOJSBA, we seek to provide biblical training for ministers and aspirants who have neither the time nor the money to pursue an extended, formal theological education. We, at Footsteps Of Jesus, offers programs which are highly flexible and are geared to empowering students in their future ministry.

Our courses are available to everyone who meets our requirements.

All courses require comprehensive study and self-discipline.

We are an online institution offering distance learning to Christian students around the world.

Our courses are relevant to the 21st Century and are an effective aid to the spiritual development to all believers.

Our mission is to raise Spirit-anointed leaders. Our programs have the highest curriculum standards within the framework of Spirit-anointed Biblical authority.

We prepare Christian leaders for Christian service.

All degrees at FOJSBA are earned degrees. This is achieved by mandatory coursework that must be completed.

Distance learning offers students flexibility and helps them manage their time. The student uses our virtual course tool to access class notes, communicate with the professor or other students, and contribute to discussions set up by the professor in one of our sites (class, Forum or others. The student can learn according to their own schedule. The student can also learn by watching a video, this approach complements the virtual campus.

Our aim is to help our students in the following ways:

  • Developing a strong relationship with God
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the Bible
  • Prepare them for ministry, leadership.
  • Provide a clear understanding of the Bible.
  • We use the best training methods

Our courses meet the requirements established by many private, independent, and professional associations. Credits earned at FOJSBA can be transferred to another institution at their discretion.

All degrees at FOJSBA are earned degrees. This is achieved by mandatory coursework that must be completed.

We recognize life experience which may have been gained through years of work which is ministry related. Many people have served in ministry positions and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in their fields, but do not have any formal certificate, diploma, or degree. Life experience credits can give some of the recognition needed for servicing at Eric Michel Ministries International in work at the fellowship or the Chaplaincy. No diplomas or degrees can be awarded based upon life experience.

Our Program:

Pastoral Leadership, Christian Counseling, Biblical Studies, Ministry, Christian Education, Evangelism.

Courses Offering:

Certificate in Ministry

Diploma in Ministry

Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry Honors

Bachelor & Master’s in theology

Bachelor & Master or Doctor in Ministry

Bachelor & Master in Prophetic Ministry

Bachelor & Master in Apostolic Ministry

Bachelor & Master in Christian Counseling

Bachelor & Master in Christian Education

Bachelor & Master in Christian Entrepreneurship

Bachelor & Master in Christian Leadership

Master & Doctor in Christian Business Administration

Doctor in Philosophy

Doctor in Divinity


The Sacraments, The Canon Law, Philosophy,

Studying with Rev Marie Y Arnold B. MSc.

Biblical Academy

The Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry “Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy”

Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry of Eric Michel Ministries International founded in 2015 our Seminary” Footsteps of Jesus” is for our future ministers in the Christian Faith specializing in fully accredited graduate programs in Theology. It is an online studies programs or small classes programs, it attracts students around the world who want to be serving as a minister in our EMMI family of

Chaplains or New Hope Ministry and Missions. If you have a desire to learn our traditions invites you to join us. We offer courses of education leading to ordination as a Christian Minister.

We are a legally established religious organization with the right to ordain ministers and thus qualify them as ordained ministers: to officiate at weddings, baptisms, funerals, Holy Communion, and Worship Ceremonies. Men and women who complete the course and meet all the requirements, upon their request, will be ordained in the context of worship with hand imposition in front of witnesses.


Degrees or other qualifications from unaccredited institutions may not be accepted by civil service or other employers. Some unaccredited institutions have formal legal authorization to enrol students or issue degrees, but in some jurisdictions, legal authorization to operate is not the same as educational accreditation. Footsteps of Jesus Seminary is a distance learning, an accredited theological

school operated by Eric Michel Ministries International. Students are prepared for ministerial positions and other related careers in Christian Theology. EMMI which operates the Seminary FoJBA is a non-profit organization.

All our courses are

“Implementing Team Impact Christian University Curriculum”

and accredited By Theological Accreditation International (TAI) or by the World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions. Both are in governmental accreditation, extended exclusively to private, Christian institutions upon inspection and approval of their programs, operations, and integrity. WWAC is a worldwide accreditation that honours the separation

of church and state and extends beyond national boundaries. Its standards and expectations measure compliance with Scriptural principles as applied to education. In some country accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. Governmental agencies do not provide theological or ministry accreditation.

Government-recognized accreditation is not necessary for the religious vocations in which we are equipping our students and people working in ministry positions do not need a government-accredited degree. We prepare our students for work in our ministries as a minister or lay services at Eric Michel Ministries International. We will seek to provide a sound theological standing from which our

students fulfill their divine calling. Our courses meet the requirements established by many private, independent, and professional associations. Various regionally or nationally accredited Christian Universities, colleges and seminaries may accept credits and degrees from Footsteps of Jesus Seminary.

Our programs are created for ordination course that can suit the needs of anyone who wishes to study Christianity and prepare for a variety of professional ministries. It provides extensive knowledge in the areas of Christianity theology and history, as well as some training in ministerial ethics, pastoral care and discipleship. Serving as a professional chaplain will require additional courses in Clinical Pastoral Education.

IndoCanada-75x47   We look at the Power of Partnership in Biblical School

The partnership is a powerful truth revealed in the word of God were believers with a common vision in order to fulfill the greater plan of God.

Ministries are joining as partners to leverage the power of the Internet for maximum global impact in Bible studies.

EMMI Footsteps of Jesus partners with churches and organizations to establish schools, training centers, to develop the next generation of leaders to impact their church, their community. We are looking for a partnership of ministers & teachers for our free online Harvestime Bible Academy ( and ( and with fees Seminary & Bible Academy ( We are offering free website including free publicity to your academy working under our name Eric Michel Ministries International. In paid training, we are looking at a very high % for you and very low % for our administrative fees.

Please contact us on How to “Partner with us”


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