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New Hope Ministry & Missions are not for people boarding the planes, trains, etc., to serve among in the community. They serve at home in the Missions Ministry.

These are volunteers who meet once a month to pray and plan how to help our ministries. It’s a job solving important questions:

  1. How can we help our corporation to be visible among the people who do not have a church?
  2. How can we manage the information about New Hope Ministry & Missions coming from websites, Facebook, etc.?
  3. How can we plan a budget?
  4. And how can we have supporters?

This is just an example in our agenda.

You can present the Good News about Christ to those who ignore him.
We send out volunteers like you to invest in hours of love and prayer into God’s work to make His Name famous!

We thank the Lord for you, and pray for our missions and thank you for your services.

Our purpose under the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

Harmony C.C. envisions a world at peace, sustained by engaged and interconnected communities committed, respecting diversity, nonviolent resolution of conflict and social, political, economic and environmental justice.


Harmony C.C. is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world.

We implement our mission through local initiatives that build the capacity of our groups and organizations, called Cooperation Circles, to engage in community activities such as conflict resolution and reconciliation, environmental sustainability, education, women’s and youth programs, and advocacy for human rights.

Cooperation Circles are unique to URI’s organizational design.

  • We bring together individuals from across Eastern Canada to serve on a project called Harmony Cooperation Circle.
  • Harmony C.C., have to be self-funding, gathering scarce local resources and mobilizing volunteers to tackle the most critical issues facing their communities.

We rely on the network, a system of districts staffed by highly skilled and dedicated Coordinators, to keep them connected to one another and the outside world, and give them the leverage to make an ever-increasing impact on the ground.

Our coordinators help to develop coordinated strategies for solving shared issues; bring visibility to the work; organize regional conferences and training, and bring people together.


We offer opportunities for youths up to seniors to put their faith into action. Through challenging and rewarding New Hope Ministry & Missions
at Eric Michel Ministries International 
(Also available with the Chaplaincy Ministry)

Source: uri.org

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