Directly under the House of Bishops, the district is overseeing by a District Bishop, In Uganda, we do not have any Bishop yet, so we use the title of “Dean” for someone who has a similar role as a District Bishop but been a layperson. The District Bishop is only administrative and organizational.


We at Eric Michel Ministries International do not have a Bishop on location in charge
of a District, we appoint a Lay Minister to the rank of Dean.

The Dean has the same authority as a Bishop less what it concerns spiritual life.
He is in charge of all temporal activities and rules over our District Churches is NOT ordained but appointed.

The Dean is a member of the House of Bishop and has the same privilege to vote
at all Synod Local, National or the Symposium.

Canon Law 201506 Liturgy 30 Baptism
Holly Baptism is transformed into baby welcoming. Confirmation is the Baptism of an adult 13 of age and older and it is done in presence of a bishop or if none avail a Dean Minister.

Canon Law 020.1.1 Seniority
For the purposes of Canon Law, seniority shall be determined by rank and then within the same rank, according to the priority of consecration or ordination. The ranks are:

  1. Archbishop
  2. Synod Bishop
  3. Dean Lay Minister
  4. Bishops Ordinary of chaplaincy
  5. Archdeacon
  6. Minister
  7. Deacon

Canon 20170401 Membership Goal

  1. The membership of each congregation it’s between 50 and 100 members under the direction of a Superintendent (Head Pastor). Some congregation uses the term of executive director.
  2. When membership reaches 120, 20 members need to be transferred in a new congregation under the direction of a new Superintendent.
  3. When another congregation is in place, both congregations are under the direction of a Bishop
  4. When we have four (4) congregations in place a Regional Bishop will be installed.
  5. When we have height (8) congregations in place a Synod Bishop will be installed or a Dean Lay Minister.



Job Title: Dean (Lay Bishop)
Reports To: House of Bishop
Position Status: Part-Time

The role of the Dean is to oversee the life and direction of the churches. The Dean will have a firm grasp on the purpose, values and strategy of the churches and the ability to align ordained and lay staff and key leadership teams with its mission. The Dean will offer leadership to the congregations alongside clergy and lay ministers. The Dean will ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of Eric Michel Ministries International responsibly and effectively support its ministry activities. Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. To lead and oversee the temporal affairs of EMMI, which lead the Church in its mission of witness and service in the world.
  2. To travel through the connection at large as the Council of Bishops to implement a strategy for the concern of the Church.
  3.  To provide liaison and leadership in the quest for unity in ministry, mission, and structure and in the search for strengthened relationships with other living faith communities.
  4.  To organize such Missions as shall have been authorized by the House of Bishop.
  5.  To promote and support the vision of the whole Church.
  6. To discharge such other duties as the Discipline may direct.


EMMI polity is a hierarchical form of church governance (“ecclesiastical polity”) in which the chief local authorities are bishops or lay name Dean. (The word “bishop” derives, via the Vulgar Latin ebiscopus, from the Ancient Greek epískopos meaning “overseer”.) It is the structure used by many of the major Christian churches and denominations, such as Catholic, Eastern, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran churches or denominations, as well as other churches founded independently from these lineages.
The Chaplaincies are governed by bishops with authority over the judicatory (dioceses and conferences or synods). The presidency is both administrative and political; the Dean supervises the clergy within the judicatory and is the representative to both secular structures and in the hierarchy of the church. Bishops or Dean with such authority is known as the historic episcopate. Churches with this type of government usually believe that the Church requires episcopal government as described in the New Testament.

You also will meet in councils or synods. These gatherings, subject to presidency by higher ranking Bishops or Dean, may govern the judicatory which are represented in the council, though the synod or council may also be purely advisory.

  1. Strategic leadership and planning: The Dean is responsible for strategic planning with partners in the execution of the church’s purpose. The Dean will define strategic goals and vision as a key leader among churches and implement the plan by:
    a. Coordinating/leading monthly churches meetings and other activities to clarify and execute goals and objectives.
    b. Monitoring the spiritual pulse of the congregation through review and accountability.
    c. Ensuring partner churches, facilities and programs are effectively aligned to meet strategic goals.
  2.  Partner supervision and development: The Dean serves as director and leads, evaluates, and mentors existing staff in their respective areas of ministry by:
    a. Overseeing staff training and development via Footsteps of Jesus Seminary.
    b. Hiring and dismissing staff and prioritizing staff additions after consultation and guidance from the House of Bishops.
    c. Providing leadership to the partners in the design and implementation of all church ministries.
    d. Maintaining efficient and effective lines of communication between the churches partners and the House of Elders.
  3. Administration: The Dean oversees and executes the administration of the church region through appropriate staff and lay leadership teams, and ensures the completion of ministry, business, facility, and logistical support functions through staff and lay volunteers. He must:
  4. Evaluation and compensation: The Dean will file monthly reports to the House of Bishop on accomplishments and activities.
  5. Dean  will canvass in his territory to recruit churches as affiliate partners and pastors with a membership fee according to our scale publish on our website
  6. A compensation fee of 12% of all entry for his own remuneration as a self-worker cover is expenses.
  7. Very Important a Dean does not exercise any spiritual power, he cannot celebrate any religious ceremonies at all time expected emergency baptism according to the book of common prayers.


Connexional Polity at Eric Michel Ministries International has been characterized by a strong central organization which holds an annual Conference named Symposium. The connexion is divided into Region in the charge by a Bishop or Dean.

In other countries, the Chairman is sometimes called a Bishop, or District Bishop. Methodist districts often correspond approximately, in geographical terms, to counties.

The districts are divided into local governed by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors and led and administrated principally by a superintendent minister. Ministers are appointed to Circuits rather than to individual churches. Pastors are assigned to congregations by bishops. Methodist denominations typically give lay members representation at regional and national meetings (Symposium) at which the business of the church is conducted, making it different from most episcopal government. This connexional organizational model differs further from the congregational model, for example of Baptist, and Congregationalist churches, amongst others. The United Methodist Church website defines “connexion” as the principle that: all leaders and congregations are connected in a network of loyalties and commitments that support, yet supersede, local concerns.


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